Sunday, December 31, 2006

Papers about Google Technology

Below is a partial list of papers written by people at Google, organized by category.

Achieving Anonymity via Clustering in a Metric Space, Gagan Aggarwal, Tomas Feder, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Samir Khuller, Rina Panigrahy, Dilys Thomas, An Zhu, PODS, 2006
An O(log n) Approximation Ratio for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Path Problem, Chandra Chekuri, Martin Pál, Proceedings of APPROX 2006, 2006
Knapsack auctions, Gagan Aggarwal, Jason D. Hartline, SODA, 2006
Efficient Computation of the Relative Entropy of Probabilistic Automata, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Ashish Rastogi, Michael Riley, Proceedings of the 7th Latin American Symposium (LATIN 2006), 2006
On the Computation of Some Standard Distances between Probabilistic Automata, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Ashish Rastogi, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata (CIAA 2006), 2006
A Loopless Gray Code for Minimal Signed-Binary Representations, Gurmeet Singh Manku, Joe Sawada, European Symposium on Algorithms, 2005
Generalized Opinion Pooling, Ashutosh Garg, T. S. Jayram, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, Huaiyu Zhu, AMAI, 2004
On the Streaming Model Augmented with a Sorting Primitive, Gagan Aggarwal, Mayur Datar, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Matthias Ruhl, FOCS, 2004

Artificial Intelligence
Reasoning about Partially Observed Actions, Megan Nance, Adam Vogel, Eyal Amir, AAAI, 2006
Special Review Issue, Donald Perlis, Peter Norvig, Artif. Intell., 2005
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig, 2002

Audio Processing
Social- and Interactive-Television Applications Based on Real-Time Ambient-Audio Identification, Michael Fink, Michele Covell, Shumeet Baluja, European Interactive TV Conference (Euro-ITV), 2006, 2006
Predicting EMG Data from M1 Neurons with Variational Bayesian Least Squares, Jo-Anne Ting, Aaron D'Souza, Kenji Yamamoto, Toshinori Yoshioka, Donna Hoffman, Shinji Kakei, Lauren Sergio, John Kalaska, Mitsuo Kawato, Peter Strick, Stefan Schaal, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 18, 2006
Simple Reconstruction of Binary Near-Perfect Phylogenetic Trees, Srinath Sridhar, Kedar Dhamdhere, Guy E. Blelloch, Eran Halperin, R. Ravi, Russell Schwartz, International Conference on Computational Science (2), 2006
Finite-State Transducers in Computational Biology, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Tutorial presented at the 13th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2005), 2005

Computational Science and Modeling
Oral Mucosal Microvascular Network Abnormalities in De Novo Mutation Achondroplasia, C. D. Felice, S. Parrini, G. D. Maggio, R. N. Laurini, K. Shirriff, Fractals, 2005
Computer Architecture
The Price of Performance, Luiz Andre Barroso, ACM Queue, 2005
Computer Graphics
The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick, Michael Still, 2005
Computer Vision
Large Scale Image-Based Adult-Content Filtering, Henry A. Rowley, Yushi Jing, Shumeet Baluja, 1st International Conference on Computer Vision Theory, 2006
Boosting Sex Identification Performance, Shumeet Baluja, Henry A. Rowley, AAAI, 2005
Large Scale Performance Measurement of Content-Based Automated Image-Orientation Detection, Shumeet Baluja, Henry A. Rowley, International Conference on Image Processing, 2005

Data Compression
Index Coding with Side Information, Ziv Bar-Yossef, Yitzhak Birk, T. S. Jayram, Tomer Kol, FOCS, 2006
Data Mining
Dense Subgraph Extraction, David Gibson, Ravi Kumar, Kevin S. McCurley, Andrew Tomkins, in: Mining Graph Data, 2006
Mining the Web to Determine Similarity Between Words, Objects, and Communities, Mehran Sahami, Proceedings of the 19th International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS-2006), 2006
Adaptive Product Normalization: Using Online Learning for Record Linkage in Comparison Shopping, Mikhail Bilenko, Sugato Basu, Mehran Sahami, Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 2005
Evaluating similarity measures: a large-scale study in the orkut social network, Ellen Spertus, Mehran Sahami, Orkut Buyukkokten, Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-2005), 2005
A social network caught in the Web, Lada A. Adamic, Orkut Buyukkokten, Eytan Adar, First Monday, 2003
Mining Optimized Gain Rules for Numeric Attributes, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Rastogi, Kyuseok Shim, IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2003
Scalable Techniques for Mining Causal Structures, Craig Silverstein, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Data Min. Knowl. Discov., 2000
Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Dependence Rules, Craig Silverstein, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, Data Min. Knowl. Discov., 1998
Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web, Sergey Brin, WebDB, 1998
Scalable Techniques for Mining Causal Structures, Craig Silverstein, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Ullman, VLDB, 1998

Data and System Management
Data management projects at Google, Wilson Hsieh, Jayant Madhavan, Rob Pike, SIGMOD Conference, 2006
Growth Codes: Maximizing Sensor Network Data Persistence, Abhinav Kamra, Jon Feldman, Vishal Misra, Dan Rubenstein, Proc. Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM), to appear, 2006
Sender Reputation in a Large Webmail Service, Bradley Taylor, Third Conference on Email and Anti-Spam (CEAS 2006), 2006
Networking proposal for TR2, Gerhard Wesp, 2005
Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing
A Tool for Prioritizing DAGMan Jobs and Its Evaluation, Grzegorz Malewicz, Ian Foster, Arnold Rosenberg, Michael Wilde, Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC06), 2006
An Autonomic Routing Framework for Sensor Networks, Yu He, Cauligi S. Raghavendra, Steven Berson, Robert Braden, Cluster Computing, Special Issue on Autonomic Computing (Kluwer Academic Pulishers), 2006
An Experimental Study of the Skype Peer-to-Peer VoIP System, Saikat Guha, Neil Daswani, Ravi Jain, Proceedings of The 5th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '06), 2006
Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data, Fay Chang, Jeffrey Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, Wilson C. Hsieh, Deborah A. Wallach, Mike Burrows, Tushar Chandra, Andrew Fikes, Robert E. Gruber, 7th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), 2006
The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems, Mike Burrows, 7th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), 2006
Tolerating Dependences Between Large Speculative Threads Via Sub-Threads, Christopher B. Colohan, Anastassia Ailamaki, J. Gregory Steffan, Todd C. Mowry, International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 2006
Decentralized algorithms using both local and random probes for P2P load balancing, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Gurmeet Singh Manku, SPAA, 2005
Interpreting the Data: Parallel Analysis with Sawzall, Rob Pike, Sean Dorward, Robert Griesemer, Sean Quinlan, Scientific Programming Journal, 2005
Papillon: Greedy Routing in Rings, Ittai Abraham, Dahlia Malkhi, Gurmeet Singh Manku, DISC, 2005
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters, Jeffrey Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, OSDI'04: Sixth Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation, 2004
Web Search for a Planet: The Google Cluster Architecture, Luiz Andre Barroso, Jeffrey Dean, Urs Holzle, IEEE Micro, 2003

Electronic Commerce
Truthful auctions for pricing search keywords, Gagan Aggarwal, Ashish Goel, Rajeev Motwani, ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2006
File Systems
The Google File System, Sanjay Ghemawat, Howard Gobioff, Shun-Tak Leung, Proceedings of the 19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, 2003
Human-Computer Interaction
Scaling the card sort method to over 500 items: restructuring the Google AdWords Help Center, Yelena Nakhimovsky, Rudy Schusteritsch, Kerry Rodden, Proceedings of ACM CHI 2006, 2006
Hypertext and the Web
A Web-based Kernel Function for Measuring the Similarity of Short Text Snippets, Mehran Sahami, Tim Heilman, Proceedings of the Fifteenth International World Wide Web Conference, 2006
Browsing on Small Screens: Recasting Web-Page Segmentation into an Efficient Machine Learning Framework, Shumeet Baluja, Proceedings of the Fifteenth International World Wide Web Conference, 2006
Hyperlink analysis on the world wide web, Monika Rauch Henzinger, Hypertext, 2005
Thresher: automating the unwrapping of semantic content from the World Wide Web, Andrew Hogue, David Karger, WWW '05: Proceedings of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web, 2005
Eye-tracking analysis of user behavior in WWW search, Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims, Geri Gay, SIGIR, 2004
Extracting knowledge from the World Wide Web, Monika Henzinger, Steve Lawrence, Mapping Knowledge Domains, 2003
Patterns on the Web, Krishna Bharat, SPIRE, 2003
Who Links to Whom: Mining Linkage between Web Sites, Krishna Bharat, Bay-Wei Chang, Monika Henzinger, Matthias Ruhl, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM '01), 2001
A Comparison of Techniques to Find Mirrored Hosts on the WWW, Krishna Bharat, Andrei Z. Broder, Jeffrey Dean, Monika Rauch Henzinger, IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 2000
The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine, Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page, Computer Networks, 1998
What can you do with a Web in your Pocket?, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, Lawrence Page, Terry Winograd, IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 1998

Image and Video Processing
Foreground object segmentation from binocular stereo video, Kevin Law, Stan Sclaroff, Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXIII: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision. Edited by Casasent, David P.; Hall, Ernest L.; Röning, Juha. Proceedings of the SPIE, 2005
Efficient Face Orientation Discrimination, Shumeet Baluja, Mehran Sahami, Henry A. Rowley, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-2004), 2004
Information Retrieval
Retroactive Answering of Search Queries, B. Yang, G. Jeh, Proceedings of the Fifteenth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW-2006), 2006
Using annotations in enterprise search, Pavel A. Dmitriev, Nadav Eiron, Marcus Fontoura, Eugene Shekita, WWW, 2006
Concept-based interactive query expansion, Bruno M. Fonseca, Paulo Braz Golgher, Bruno Possas, Berthier A. Ribeiro-Neto, Nivio Ziviani, CIKM, 2005
Current trends in the integration of searching and browsing, Andrei Z. Broder, Yoelle S. Maarek, Krishna Bharat, Susan T. Dumais, Steve Papa, Jan O. Pedersen, Prabhakar Raghavan, WWW (Special interest tracks and posters), 2005
Internet Searching, Peter Norvig, Computer Science: Reflections on the Field, Reflections from the Field, 2004
Learning to find answers to questions on the Web, Eugene Agichtein, Steve Lawrence, Luis Gravano, ACM Trans. Internet Techn., 2004
The Happy Searcher: Challenges in Web Information Retrieval, Mehran Sahami, Vibhu Mittal, Shumeet Baluja, Henry Rowley, The Eighth Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI-2004), 2004
The Past, Present and Future of Web Information Retrieval, Monika Rauch Henzinger, PODS, 2004
The Past, Present, and Future of Web Search Engines, Monika Rauch Henzinger, ICALP, 2004
Query-Free News Search, Monika Henzinger, Bay-Wei Chang, Brian Milch, Sergey Brin, Proceedings of the 12th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW-2003), 2003
Knowledge Discovery
Unweaving a web of documents, R. Guha, Ravi Kumar, D. Sivakumar, Ravi Sundaram, KDD, 2005

Machine Learning
Bayesian Regression with Input Noise for High-Dimensional Data, Jo-Anne Ting, Aaron D'Souza, Stefan Schaal, In Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Machine Learning, 2006
Dependency trees in sub-linear time and bounded memory, Dan Pelleg, Andrew W. Moore, VLDB J., 2006
Efficient Learning of Label Ranking by Soft Projections onto Polyhedra, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2006
Online Learning meets Optimization in the Dual, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory, 2006
Online Multiclass Learning by Interclass Hypothesis Sharing, Michael Fink, Shai Shalev-Shwartz, Yoram Singer, Shimon Ullman, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Machine Learning, 2006
Online Passive Aggressive Algorithms, K. Crammer, O. Dekel, J. Keshet, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2006
Online multitask learning, Ofer Dekel, Philip M. Long, Yoram Singer, The 19th Annual Conference on Learning Theory, 2006
PAC Learning Mixtures of Gaussians with No Separation Assumption, Jon Feldman, Ryan O'Donnell, Rocco A. Servedio, Proc. 19th Annual Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), 2006
Predicting Electricity Distribution Feeder Failures Using Machine Learning Susceptibility Analysis, Philip Gross, Albert Boulanger, Marta Arias, David L. Waltz, Philip M. Long, Charles Lawson, Roger Anderson, Matthew Koenig, Mark Mastrocinque, William Fairechio, John A. Johnson, Serena Lee, Frank Doherty, Arthur Kressner, IAAI, 2006
Learning Linearly Separable Languages, Leonid Kontorovich, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Proceedings of The 17th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT 2006), 2006
A New Perspective on an Old Perceptron Algorithm, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory, 2005
Data-Driven Online to Batch Conversions, Ofer Dekel, Yoram Singer, NIPS, 2005
Loss Bounds for Online Category Ranking, K. Crammer, Y. Singer, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory, 2005
Online Multiclass Learning with k-Way Limited Feedback and an Application to Utterance Classification, Hiyan Alshawi, Machine Learning, 2005
Online Ranking by Projecting, K. Crammer, Y. Singer, Neural Computation, 2005
Phoneme Alignment Based on Discriminative Learning, J. Keshet, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, D. Chazan, Interspeech, 2005
The Forgetron: A Kernel-Based Perceptron on a Fixed Budget, Ofer Dekel, Shai Shalev-Shwartz, Yoram Singer, NIPS, 2005
A General Regression Technique for Learning Transductions, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Jason Weston, Proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2005), 2005
Confidence Intervals for the Area under the ROC Curve, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2004), 2005
Margin-Based Ranking Meets Boosting in the Middle, Cynthia Rudin, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Robert E. Schapire, Proceedings of The 18th Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory (COLT 2005), 2005
Moment Kernels for Regular Distributions, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Machine Learning, 2005
Learning Theory, 17th Annual Conference on Learning Theory, COLT 2004, Banff, Canada, July 1-4, 2004, Proceedings, John Shawe-Taylor, Yoram Singer, Editor, COLT, 2004
The Power of Selective Memory: Self-Bounded Learning of Prediction Suffix Trees, O. Dekel, S. Shalev-Shwartz, Y. Singer, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 17, 2004
AUC Optimization vs. Error Rate Minimization, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2003), 2004
Distribution Kernels Based on Moments of Counts, Corinna Cortes, Mehryar Mohri, Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2004), 2004
Rational Kernels: Theory and Algorithms, Corinna Cortes, Patrick Haffner, Mehryar Mohri, Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), 2004
Eliminating Dependent Pattern Matching, Healfdene Goguen, Conor McBride, James McKinna, Essays Dedicated to Joseph A. Goguen, 2006

Mobile Computing
A Large Scale Study of Wireless Search Behavior: Google Mobile Search, Maryam Kamvar, Shumeet Baluja, Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in computing systems (CHI), 2006
Mobile search with text messages: designing the user experience for Google SMS, Rudy Schusteritsch, Shailendra Rao, Kerry Rodden, Proceedings of ACM CHI 2005, 2005
Report on the Mobile Search Workshop at WWW 2002, Aya Soffer, Yoelle S. Maarek, Bay-Wei Chang, SIGMOD Record, 2002
Natural Language Processing
Comparative Experiments on Sentiment Classification for Online Product Reviews, Hang Cui, Vibhu Mittal, Mayur Datar, Proceedings of the 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2006
Integrating probabilistic extraction models and data mining to discover relations and patterns in text, Aron Culotta, Andrew McCallum, Jonathan Betz, HLT-NAACL, 2006
Names and Similarities on the Web: Fact Extraction in the Fast Lane, Marius Pasca, Dekang Lin, Jeffrey Bigham, Andrei Lifchits, Alpa Jain, Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computational Linguistics and 44th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (COLING-ACL-06), 2006
Organizing and Searching the World Wide Web of Facts - Step One: the One-Million Fact Extraction Challenge, Marius Pasca, Dekang Lin, Jeffrey Bigham, Andrei Lifchits, Alpa Jain, Proceedings of the 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06), 2006
Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar Induction Based on Structural Zeros, Mehryar Mohri, Brian Roark, Proceedings of the Seventh Meeting of the Human Language Technology conference - North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (HLT-NAACL 2006), 2006
Using Encyclopedic Knowledge for Named Entity Disambiguation, Razvan Bunescu, Marius Pasca, Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association of Computational Linguistics (EACL-2006), 2006
Vertex covering by paths on trees with its applications in machine translation, Guohui Lin, Zhipeng Cai, Dekang Lin, Inf. Process. Lett., 2006
Aligning Needles in a Haystack: Paraphrase Acquisition Across the Web, Marius Pasca, Peter Dienes, Proceedings of the 2nd International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-2005), 2005
Finding Instance Names and Alternative Glosses on the Web: WordNet Reloaded, Marius Pasca, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing (CICLing-2005), 2005
Local Grammar Algorithms, Mehryar Mohri, Inquiries into Words, Constraints, and Contexts. Festschrift in Honour of Kimmo Koskenniemi on his 60th Birthday, 2005
Mining Paraphrases from Self-Anchored Web Sentence Fragments, Marius Pasca, Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD-2005), 2005
A Generalized Construction of Integrated Speech Recognition Transducers, Cyril Allauzen, Mehryar Mohri, Brian Roark, Michael Riley, Proceedings of the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2004), 2004
A Nearest-Neighbor Method for Resolving PP-Attachment Ambiguity, Shaojun Zhao, Dekang Lin, IJCNLP, 2004
Acquisition of Categorized Named Entities for Web search, Marius Pasca, Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM-04), 2004
Fast and optimal decoding for machine translation, Ulrich Germann, Michael Jahr, Kevin Knight, Daniel Marcu, Kenji Yamada, Artif. Intell., 2004
Statistical Modeling for Unit Selection in Speech Synthesis, Cyril Allauzen, Mehryar Mohri, Michael Riley, 42nd Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2004), Proceedings of the Conference, 2004
Searching the Web by Voice, Alexander Franz, Brian Milch, Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING), 2002
Data Reduction for the Scalable Automated Analysis of Distributed Darknet Traffic, Michael Bailey, Evan Cooke, Farnam Jahanian, Niels Provos, Karl Rosaen, David Watson, Proceedings of the 2005 Internet Measurement Conference, 2005
Trickle: A Userland Bandwidth Shaper for Unix-like Systems, Marius Eriksen, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track, 2005
Topology discovery in heterogeneous IP networks: the, Yuri Breitbart, Minos N. Garofalakis, Ben Jai, Cliff Martin, Rajeev Rastogi, Avi Silberschatz, IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw., 2004

Return of Gonzo Gizmos, Simon Quellen Field, 2006
Gonzo Gizmos, Simon Quellen Field, 2002
Power Management
High-efficiency power supplies for home computers and servers, Urs Hoelzle, Bill Weihl, 2006
Programming Languages
Parallel Assignments in Software Model Checking, Murray Stokely, Sagar Chaki, Joel Ouaknine, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., 2006
Independently Extensible Solutions to the Expression Problem, Matthias Zenger, Martin Odersky, FOOL, 2005
Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases, Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter, 2005
Scalable Component Abstractions, Martin Odersky, Matthias Zenger, OOPSLA, 2005
Search Engine Design
Algorithmic Aspects of Web Search Engines, Monika Rauch Henzinger, ESA, 2004
Security, Cryptography, and Privacy
A Method for Making Password-Based Key Exchange Resilient to Server Compromise, Craig Gentry, Philip MacKenzie, Zulfikar Ramzan, Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2006, 2006
Cookies Along Trust-Boundaries (CAT): Accurate and Deployable Flood Protection, Martin Casado, Aditya Akella, Pei Cao, Niels Provos, Scott Shenker, In Proceedings of Steps To Reduce Unwated Traffic From The Internet, 2006
Flow-Cookies: Using Bandwidth Amplification to Defend Against DDoS Flooding Attacks, Martin Casado, Pei Cao, Aditya Akella, Niels Provos, Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on QoS, 2006
Language Modeling and Encryption on Packet Switched Networks, Kevin S. McCurley, Advances in Cryptology: Proc. Eurocrypt 2006, 2006
Limits to Anti Phishing, Jeff Nelson, David Jeske, Proceedings of the W3c Security and Usability Workshop, 2006
Resource Fairness and Composability of Cryptographic Protocols, Juan Garay, Philip MacKenzie, Manoj Prabhakaran, Ke Yang, Theory of Cryptography: Third Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2006, 2006
A Virtual Honeypot Framework, Niels Provos, USENIX Security Symposium, 2004
Countering Code-Injection Attacks With Instruction-Set Randomization, Gaurav S. Kc, Angelos D. Keromytis, Vassilis Prevelakis, ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2003
Forward-Security in Private-Key Cryptography, Mihir Bellare, Bennet S. Yee, CT-RSA, 2003
Monotonicity and Partial Results Protection for Mobile Agents, Bennet S. Yee, ICDCS, 2003
Software Engineering
LEVER: A Tool for Learning Based Verification (Tool Paper), Abhay Vardhan, Mahesh Viswanathan, Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV'06), 2006
Modular Software Upgrades for Distributed Systems, Sameer Ajmani, Barbara Liskov, Liuba Shrira, European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP), 2006
Hancock: A language for analyzing transactional data streams, Corinna Cortes, Kathleen Fisher, Daryl Pregibon, Anne Rogers, Frederick Smith, ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst., 2004
Jscheme: A Dialect of Scheme for Scripting in Java,, Ken Anderson, Tim Hickey, Peter Norvig, Proceedings of the MIT Dynamic Languages Seminar, 2001

Theory and Foundations
Approximate reasoning for real-time probabilistic processes, Vineet Gupta, Radha Jagadeesan, Prakash Panangaden, Logical Methods in Computer Science, 2006
Head Normal Form Bisimulation for Pairs and the Lambda Mu-Calculus (Extended Abstract), Soren B. Lassen, Proceedings of the 21st Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS' 06), 2006
Normal Form Simulation for McCarthy's Amb, Soren B. Lassen, Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS XXI), 2006
Programmable clustering, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Ravi Kumar, D. Sivakumar, PODS, 2006
Using Many Machines to Handle an Enormous Error-Correcting Code, Jon Feldman, Proc. IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW), 2006
Eager Normal Form Bisimulation, Soren B. Lassen, Proceedings of the 20th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS' 05), 2005

Three sources of classification error

  1. Bayes or Indistinguishability Error: The error due to overlapping densities. This error is an inherent property of the problem and can never be eliminated;
  2. Model Error: The error due to having an incorrect model. This error can only be eliminated if the designer specifies a model that includes the true model which generated the data. Designers generally choose the model based on knowledge of the problem domain rather than on the subsequent estimation method, and thus the model error in maximum-likelihood and Bayes methods rarely differ.
  3. Estimation Error: The error arisinig from the fact that the parameters are estimated from a finite sample. This error can best be reduced by increasing training data.

These three points are from "Pattern Classification" by Duda. From my point of view, the second point is the most common. Actually, it is about model structure choice or learning. The third one, parameter learning, works on the outcome of second point normally.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Greedy search-based structure learning algorithm for Bayesian Network

It is a score-based search algorithm to learn the structure of BN. Steps are described as below:

1. Select an initial DAG G0, from which to start the search;
2. Calculate Bayes factors between D0 and all possible networks, which differ by only one arrow, that is:
(1) One arrow is added to D0;
(2) One arrow in D0 is deleted;
(3) One arrow in D0 is turned.
3. Among all these networks, select the one that increases the Bayes factor the most;
4. If the Bayes factor is not increased, stop the search. Otherwise, let the chosen network be D0 and repeat from 2.

This algorithm is borrowed from Heckman et al's, and it is customized to DEAL, a BN package on R.

Thursday, December 07, 2006




适合人群:只适合软件开发者   技术开发最全面的论坛,里面可以遇到很多牛人,版面也很全,什么J2EE,.NET啊,该有的全上,在这里基本上可以提出任何问题,人气也是最旺的,不过一般提出的意见都有正方两面的,所以最终解决问题,还是靠自己。   
我爱研发网,顾名思义,是针对R&D研发人员的,目前在射频,通信,手机研发是国内第一的,牛人不少,问题讨论的很彻底。论坛制度很人性化,设有资料交换区,有超大量有价值的资料。  评价:强,速度还可以;   

适合人员:电子工程师  人气不错,覆盖面比较广,老牌了,就是有点和时代脱节了,无论是设计上还是内容上  
环球资源的子站,页面设计很大气,技术文章也比较及时和权威,是个难得的好网  评论:强,速度还可以     

适合人员:布线/网络工程师   人气很旺,特色是版面比较紧凑,综合布线这一块很权威,很窄很专,时间非常久了,颜色比较明快,就是太低端了,   

适合人员:企业策划,CIO   业界知名的知识站点“唐人社区”,信息化管理顾问可以去看看,人也很多,可惜,都是下载,实质性内容需要改观,我记得是非常专业的网站。   评价:不错,速度也还可以。     

适合人群:大多数,   评论类比较多,基本上在其他媒体上看到的评论,这里都会有,要想了解IT发展的情况,就来这里看看。   

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


ICANN 2007 welcomes contributions on the theory, algorithms and applications in the following broad areas:
• Computational neuroscience
• Connectionist cognitive science
• Data analysis and pattern recognition
• Graphical networks models, Bayesian networks
• Hardware implementations and embedded systems
• Intelligent Multimedia and the Semantic Web
• Neural and hybrid architectures and learning algorithms
• Neural control, planning and robotics applications
• Neural dynamics and complex systems
• Neuroinformatics
• Real world applications
• Self-organization
• Sequencial and structured information processing
• Signal and time series processing, blind source separation
• Vision and image processing
Ideas and nominations for interesting tutorials, special sessions, workshops and experts willing to organize various session tracks are called for. Most active experts will be included in the scientific committee of the conference.

Proceedings of ICANN will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Paper length is restricted to a maximum of 10 pages, including figures. Papers will be blind reviewed. Instructions for authors are given here.

An extended version of selected ICANN 2007 papers will be published in a Special Issue of Elsevier's journal Neural Networks.